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SOMART, Zentrum für Feldenkrais & Atem-Tonus-Ton, Staudgasse 8/12, 1180 Wien

Barbara Süss
Ashtanga Yoga Shala • Mysore Vienna

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what does practice in Mysore style mean?

Mysore Style is for everybody who wants to learn a traditional deeply transforming Yoga practice. Traditionally in India, people learn yoga from an experience teacher one-on-one. 

This is called Parampara. 

The teacher guides students through postures, and tailores the practice to the unique needs and capabilities of every person. 

Students only practice postures that the teacher “give” them. 

This enables people to develop and expand their experience of yoga at a safe, suitable and sufficiently challenging pace.

As a student, this means that you’ll receive direct guidance from your teacher on what postures to practice, and how. The postures follow set sequences, which will give you what you need over time. All of us start with the same sequence of postures, but we all practice at our own pace.

At first the sequences of postures seem like a lot to learn. With ongoing practice though, you’ll learn the sequence by heart. Then your practice will flow more freely, following the rythm of your own breath. This is where yoga begins to emerge. You won’t need to think about what posture to do next, or wait for someone to tell you. You’ll just know.

And you don’t need to worry about getting confused with the sequence of postures. We’ve all been there! Everyone in the room had to learn the same sequence to start with. And your teacher will always assist you.

You may notice people practicing other postures that seem more ‘advanced’. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. ‘Progress’ in this practice isn’t measured by how many postures a person can do, or how they look on the surface. We can’t really measure yoga. It’s more important how well it enhances your life.

I have only limited time in the mornings. Does it still make sense in the mornings to come to practice ?

My teacher, R. Sharath Jois answered this question one day at a conference in Mysore as usual with very simple words; He said:

“Just getting up and beeing on your mat, doing what you can – that is sufficient. That is a good practice.”

The class schedule is from 7-9 am. Do I have to stay the entire 2 hours?

No you don´t. The schedule simply is a given timeframe when the Mysore teacher will be at your service. Within that given timeframe you are free to start and finish your practice any time you wish. of course: You are very welcome to come and start your practice at 7:00am, like this you have lots of time for your practice, but this is not obligatory. Just make sure to allow enough time to finish your practice with ease without rushing.