Mysore Practice

All Levels practicing together

Mysore Practice – For all Levels

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught in what is known as “Mysore” practice, named after the city in South India from where it originates, and it is how the practice is taught and learned there.

Mysore can be described as an independent practice where the asanas are taught, one at a time, in a set sequence so that the student can build their practice slowly and commit the sequence to memory. Students advance at their own rate, irregardless of the other students in the room. Although it is self practice, the teacher is there to give support and guidance as needed.

In India people learn yoga from an experienced practitioner/teacher one-on-one. 
This is called Parampara. 
The teacher guides students through postures, and tailors the practice to the unique needs and capabilities of each student individually.

The Yoga student does not need to have any yoga experience or previous Ashtanga experience to begin with Mysore practice.  During the Mysore hours scheduled, practitioners come in and work at their own pace and ability with the teacher. New postures are slowly added to enable students to memorize the sequence and form a daily practice aligned with their individual needs.  New students may find their first visit is only 20-30 minutes long and will increase each visit.

Drop-ins are very welcome! Opening hours reflect the opening and closing times, and students may drop in at any point within the allotted hours as long as they finish practice by closing time. It’s possible to drop in and observe a class if you want to see what Mysore is about!    Please contact Barbara with any questions or concerns about your practice.