• As a new student, you can walk in at any time that we are open during the week. There is no set start time like in a led class. Beginners are very welcome–don’t be shy!

• Doors open 10 minutes before class start time

• Be prepared to sweat. Please bring a Mysore rug or micro-fibre towel, and hand towel.

• Please wear clean comfortable clothing and arrive clean to practice. A shower before class keeps the space clean for everyone.

• Please do not wear any scented products to class

• Practice on an empty stomach. Please allow several hours after eating before practicing.

• Drink plenty of water after practice, but not during. Through the breath and movement system, our aim is to generate an internal heat and a detoxifying sweat. Water interferes with this process and is saved for after the practice.

• The Mysore practice room is a mostly quiet, breath-filled, self-reflective space, and as such, is a cellphone free zone. No apple watches or cellphones are permitted. Please refrain from talking in the Mysore room, and please enter and leave quietly. Please ensure that when electronics are left in change rooms, that they are switched off.

• If you happen to arrive during the opening chant, please wait until it is finished to enter the room.

• In Led Primary series class we learn the correct vinyasa count in sanskrit. Please stop where you usually stop in Mysore practice.

• Hours posted are opening and closing times for the shala space. Please leave yourself enough time to complete your practice before we close. If your day requires some adjustment, this is your responsibility, not the shala. We are observing current Covid rules to leave 30 minutes between classes to air and clean the spaces.

• If it happens one morning that you have less time for practice, come in anyway! It is highly recommended to get on the mat to do a little practice than to do nothing or, worse, rush to get everything in. Practice for as long as you can and leave time for rest. This is how a life-long practice is sustained. Do what you can, move on with your day.

•The benefits of this method come from regular attendance on your mat. The postures are designed to be done regularly, and like this you benefit the most from the practice.

• If you are sick with a fever, do not practice and create more heat in the body. Take rest. If you are contagious with a cold or flu, do not come to the the shala. Take home practice or rest. During these times it is very important to stay at home with any symptoms.

• Let the teacher know of any relevant injuries or issues.

•Most of all !  Hav fun!    enjoy the exploration of your body and like this allow it to heal you.  Your body is your greatest teacher and yoga is your sanctuary. Building your own Yoga practice will bring peace into your life and those around you!

contact Barbara  prior to beginning your practice at Mysore Vienna.