Founder and director of Mysore Vienna, Barbara Süss, started to practice yoga and meditation in the year 2000, once she started with the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in the year 2007 there was no turning back. Since 2011 Barbara travels annually to Mysore, India to study with her teacher, R. Sharath Jois at the Sri K. Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. Every year, she continues her studies to immerse herself in the roots of this traditional yoga method.

Passionate about creating a space for healing & building community, Barbara opened a small Yoga Shala  in Vienna after being blessed and authorized by her teacher.


A lovely community of dedicated practitioners from all over the world is organically growing.

Yogapath: Barbara startet to practice Yoga and Meditation in the year 2000 during the pregnancy with her son David

since 2007 Ashtanga Yoga, First teachers Rolf  & Marci Naujokat in Goa/India

Rolf & Marci Naujokat Goa, Mysore Practice 2007 – present

Sharath Jois, Mysore Practice 2010 – present

Sharath Jois, Workshops NYC 2011, London 2011,  NYC 2012, London 2013, Copenhagen 2015, Copenhagen 2017

Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor, Teacher Intensive, Boulder 2012

Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, advanced teacher Intensive, Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fee 2013

workshops and indepth studies with senior teachers Nancy Gilgoff, Danny Paradise,  John Scott,  Mark Darby, David Garrigues

Sri M.A. Jayashree und Sri M.A. Narasimhan classes in Sanskrit chanting and philosophy in Mysore, India

Yoga Sutra 2.28
योगाङ्गाऽनुष्ठानादशुद्धिक्षये ज्ञानदीप्तिराविवेकख्यातेः॥२८॥
yoga anga anusthanad ashuddhi ksaya jnana diptih a viveka khyateh

“By the practice of the limbs of Yoga, the impurities dwindle away and there dawns the light of wisdom, leading to discriminative discernment.”

Dukham evam sarvaam vivekinaha.” For a viveki, a person with discriminative knowledge, everything is painful and also, simultaneously, full and sweet.

“Our wounds and scars are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. But to allow the light to crack into this wounds takes quite some braveness and most of all practice. It´s worth it. Because there is nobody out there who can heal us than ourselves.The Yoga Practice never has come easy to me nor was it ever pretty.I know that I have to create my path by walking it. It´s not an ready-made, easy going path. But I am going to walk it anyway because no one is going to do the healing for myself.” – always love, Barbara