Shala Info / Etiquette

The best way to learn Ashtanga yoga as a beginner is in a Mysore class.

In this setting beginners are taught individually and can be guided at a pace that is suitable for each.

For people new to Ashtanga yoga we require a one month commitment of at least 3 times a week.  

New students are very welcome to watch a class @ Mysore Vienna.

Please contact Barbara  prior to your first visit. 

Asanas are taught traditionally one by one, and in a fixed sequence.

If you have trouble with a particular posture, the teacher can offer you a modification or support that is consistent with the intention of the practice.

Students always practice until their last given asana and then wind down with backbends and (if appropriate)  finishing sequence.

The teacher will give you the next posture in the sequence when they feels you are ready.

When in doubt please ask the teacher.

about the “progress” in the asana practice

In India a student has only one teacher or guru, so there is no issue of which teacher is in charge. Here and in many other countries, visiting teachers are often invited for workshops and students also go and practice with other teachers. This is fine and welcomed as often other teachers provide a glimpse of what’s ahead and ofter inspiration and new motivation. Maybe a visiting teacher allows you to progress further in your practice than you have in your daily practice with your main teacher. However, in that case I advice you to follow your main teacher, he/she sees you the rest of your year, every day, during your ordinary “normal daily”  life and usually is the more accurate judge of the dedication and intention of your practice. It is usually better to follow the instruction of your main teacher when you return to your daily practice.

about Commitment and Drop Ins  
The Ashtanga method is intended to be a daily practice and students are encouraged to make a commitment to practice at least 3 times a week. 

It may be very difficult at first to commit to a daily practice, and it often takes time to establish this.

Regular attendance is encouraged, although a few times a week combined with a self-practice at home is sufficient.


Visitors and traditional practitioners who pass through town are welcome to join us.

If you practice daily, please check our calendar and email your proposed drop in dates.  Please mention your teacher’s name.

Otherwise, drop ins are not allowed.

Practice Notes

  • Please do not eat 3 hours before practice.
  • Please shower before practice.
  • Please do not wear perfumes or scented deodorent, oils (these can cause allergic reactions for others and makes skin slippery when adjusting)
  • Please take 3 days holiday during menstruation.
  • Please mention any injuries or illness to your teacher or if you become pregnant.
  • Please feel free to ask questions after practice or before.
  • Most of all !  Hav fun!    enjoy the exploration of your body and like this allow it to heal you.  Your body is your greatest teacher and yoga is your sanctuary. Building your own Yoga practice will bring peace into your life and those around you!

contact Barbara  prior to beginning your practice at Mysore Vienna.