Shala Info / Etiquette


▪                       Please refrain from eating 2-3 hours prior to practice and 30 mins after           practice

▪                       Please shower before practice

▪                       Please ensure your mat, rug, towel and your clothes are clean and odor free

▪                       Please refrain from wearing scented products (perfumes, deodorants, etc)

▪                       Please refrain from wearing lotions, moisturizers or oils (makes skin    slippery; making it difficult to adjust safely)

▪                       Please communicate any injuries or illnesses to the teacher

▪                       Please do not come to practice with fever

▪                       Enjoy your practice



Starting to practice at Mysore Vienna

How we practice yoga at Mysore Vienna is part of a long tradition, but may be different from what you have experienced at other yoga studios.

All students of Mysore Vienna are required to commit to a regular practice (min. 3 days a week)

For this reason, we ask that you contact Barbara before arriving to your first class.



-Students with an established practice visiting Mysore Vienna

An important note for visiting students.

this teaching focuses on the Tristhana method and place strong importance on the foundations of the practice. Visitors are very welcome though be asked to practice primary series only on their first visit in  order to address instabilities or inconsistencies in the basics.


“Drop-ins“ are for out of town students and/or those with an established practice.


In keeping with the Mysore tradition, rest days are Saturdays and moon days.


Please CONTACT BARBARA prior to beginning your practice at Mysore VIENNA